Nominated for the Liebster Award

Hello there, 

It has been a long long while since I have written on my blog, I have been busy with many personal matters, but I am back now! I am very overwhelmed to come back and receive my very first nomination for the Liebster Award! I am have been nominated by Nestitia from “Mon Bain De The“. Thank you so much Nestitia!


So for those who don’t already know about the Liebster Award, It is often given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The Liebster was created to discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere. Here are 3 simple rules to follow to respond to the Liebster award :

  1. Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the eleven questions asked to you by the person who nominated you, and make eleven questions of your own or your nominees.
  3. Nominate  other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts.

Here we go with the 11 questions : (The questions have been asked in French, so I have translated it, I hope you don’t mind Nestitia 🙂 )

1- Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate?

I would say Coffee as I work in the coffee industry but I LOVE tea too !

2-  What adjective describes you the best ? 

Sweet 🙂 ? I would love to bring some sweetness to all the people that surround me

3- Nude or smoky ?

Smoky, I have asian monolid, smoky eyes will make them bigger hehe

4-  What beauty or fashion trend will you never follow?

Anything that don’t suits me. I like simple Stuff. Anything too exaggerating or  too bling bling I will not follow.

5-What makes you want to wake up in the morning ?

When I know it is Saturday. As I usually spend time with my family, boyfriend or my friends 🙂

6. What do you appreciate the most on other people ?

People Kindness. Nowadays it is not so easy to be surrounded by honest and kind people. When I find them I would cherish them.

7.  What is your favorite TV series? 

At the moment I am Watching 24. I know it is a very old one but I Love it!

8- What would you like people remember from your blog ? 

I would like people to have a good little moment reading my blog, and to remember that there are so many little meaningful things that surround us everyday. We just need to slow down and enjoy the little things 🙂

9- Which part of your face do you prefer to put make up on ?

I would say my eyes, as that is the only part of my face I put make up on 🙂

10- Does your relatives know you have a blog? 

Not all of them. I don’t hide it on purpose I tell people when I fell like it.

11- You have a date, what is the worst ? To be very well dressed with a very bad hair day and with bad makeup OR To have a perfect hair style and makeup but with very ugly clothes ? 

I would choose the 2nd one. As I hope we will be eating at a restaurant and the person will barely see my clothes 🙂

SO, now my turn to nominate some bloggers 🙂
I nominate : 

Dans les yeux de Biche

Colour Me Copper

La vie en Noir


Kayla’s Blog


With All my Affection

My Hong Kong Husband

Supa Life of a Shopaholic

Foodie Thailand

Arigato Rin 

My questions for you 

  1. Where is your happy place ?
  2. What three words describe you the best ?
  3. What is the story behind your blog name?
  4. Why did you start blogging?
  5. Winter or Summer?
  6. What is your favorite quote ?
  7. What is one go-to thing that cheers you up no matter what?
  8. What would you consider to be your ultimate purpose in life ?
  9. If you have some spare time, what do you do? 
  10. Do you have any hidden talents ?
  11. Can you tell me a joke?

I can’t wait to read your answers 


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