Inspiring Life quote

Le bonheurest souvent la seule chose qu’on puisse donner sans l’avoir et, c’est en le donnant qu’on l’acquiert.

Happiness is often the only thing that can be given without having, and it is by giving that we acquired it.



I find this quote very true, I feel that the more you give away happiness the more you will receive in return.  Happiness is very generous, you just need to understand how it works. Yet it is so simple, happiness can be as easy as making someone smile. For example, I feel happier by seeing the person receiving my gift happy then receiving my own gift :). We all have those kind of experiences, we just need to take some time and look back at those little moments. BUT, this doesn’t work if you are giving and waiting something in return, it should be without any afterthought.

Happiness is not related to any kind of money, you can be poor and still be happy and give away happiness. Some surveys shows that less-developed nations are much happier than developed ones. Africa was the happiest region at 83 per cent, followed by Asia on 77 per cent.  And the top country to be the happiest is FIJI, 93 per cent of people say they are happy or very happy. By seeing some of the pictures, I can understand why… 🙂

paysage-fiji-490x368      hero


How do you find this quote ?


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