How to resize your rings

Do you have small fingers too ? 

Rings never fit you ? Even the “S” size ?

Or have YOU EVER HAD crushes on rings but they never fit  ?

Here are the 2 tips :

1.Using nail polish


The first tip can be used if you want to resize your ring only a little or if you have thin rings. All you need is transparent nail polish and of course your ring.


The idea is to put some nail polish on the inner part of your ring to create an extra layer.    Once you have put the first layer, let it dry for about 5-10 minutes. You can then try your ring on. If this first layer is not enough you can start over the same process until you are satisfy. Personally I have put 3 layers on my ring to make it fit.

2. Using sellotape


This 2nd tip can be used for big rings and all you need is some sellotape.


All you need to do is to cut some sellotape, roll it up so that it makes a double sided adhesive.Insert the sellotape on the inner part of your ring, it should be ideally placed on the bigger part of the ring so that it doesn’t show when you wear your ring.

You can then enjoy wearing your rings without being scared of loosing them 🙂


Now I enjoy more than ever buying new rings ? but my purse is less happy 🙂

This is how i Enjoy The Little Things 


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