One day in Belgium- Brussels

Discovering Brussels

I made a tiny little trip with my boyfriend in Belgium yesterday. Here are a few snapshots we took during this trip. It is only 3 hours drive from Paris to Brussels, but we had some heavy traffic when we arrived Brussels. So it took us 4 hours to get there.

  1. So the first thing we wanted to do was EAT and we had in mind that in Brussels we have to eat fries, mussels and waffles : CHECKED


2. We got told that in Brussels the two things that we must visit are ” LA GRANDE PLACE” and ” MANNEKEN PIS” : CHECKED


3. We stayed in a very lovely hotel, very situated, only 10 mins walk from the center. Every room is decorated with an artist masterpiece. It is very special.


Here is the address if you are interested :

Hotel Bloom
250 Rue Royale 
1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Belgium

4. And finally I did some shopping, in Primark for the majority of the things. I know we have Primark in Paris now, but i felt that we didn’t have the same things 🙂 ( this is not an excuse). And yes, I have bought the TETRIS 3DS game because I love it. It helps me to disconnect after a long day of work 🙂


I love the scarf that I bought. I know it is very sad to buy a scarf in August but I always wanted a scarf like this and it was only 6€ 🙂


We may have missed out some places but the most important for us was to ENJOY and take some time away TOGETHER and REST!

And you, have you ever been to BRUSSELS ?


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