My LG Pocket Photo Printer

To all picture loverS out there please check out the LG POCKET PHOTO PRINTER


This LG Pocket printer is amazing, you can print any photos from your smartphone. I love taking pictures and capturing special moments with my phone, so this was perfect for me. I have a polaroid too, but I never know if I have managed to capture well the selfie 🙂


A few words about how it works : 
  • You need to download the app on your phone ( Android/IOS)
  • Insert the photo paper into the printer. No ink is needed.
  • Select the photo you want to print, then edit as you like. You can add borders, and filters.
  • Click on the print button and VOILA… the lovely picture is printed.

The quality of the pictures is not as neat as the ones you will print out from a normal printer, but it definitely does the job for me.

Maybe the only downside about this printer is when it comes to buying the photo papers. Because each time you print out some pictures in front of your friends everyone wants one 🙂

I got mine as a gift, but to all of my Frenchies out there you can find it at the FNAC store or at Amazon. Check out my link below :

I would have loved to have the pink one too 🙂

Did you know about this Printer? Would you like to have one ?


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