HK Desert in Paris

Hello Guys,

Lately I discovered a lovely desert place in PARIS called GUIMIHOUSE. They mainly serve Hong-Kong desert. If you like fruity fresh desert then this place is a must go for you. This is definitely the little thing that made my day today. Hope it will make yours too =)


I have picked the MANGO SAIGO and the MANGO CAKE with of course a bubble tea. The Mango Saigo is delicious and the Mango Cake too but I personally preferred the Mango Saigo. And I was a little disappointed about the Bubble tea. I was hopping to drink an authentic HK bubble tea, but the taste wasn’t there.I will definitely go back to try out some other deserts.

Below is the address if you want to try out some desert from Hong-Kong :

38 Rue de Turbigo
75003 Paris

Bon appétit!

And don’t forget to enjoy every little things that surrounds you =) 


3 thoughts on “HK Desert in Paris

  1. Bakaluxurious says:

    Hello !
    super article, j’ai testé la même chose mais à Paris 13ème (dans le cc des Olympiades) et c’était pas mal. J’ai pris un truc tout simple vu que je ne connaissais pas. Tu me conseilles quoi pour une prochaine fois ?



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